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ASO Systems is an Applications and Services company specializing in customer-centric enterprise solutions that help clients succeed in discovering, understanding, and retaining their customers. Our Solutions are the best in the industry. Our staff mostly experts offer a wide range of professional services in project management, business analysis, coding and software testing, and technical innovation that strategically streamline our customers' required processes.


At ASO Systems our core principle is to provide practical business strategies and technology solutions that help our clients to benefit the most from their investments in business processes and information technology. We strive to enable our clients to become high-performance businesses all the while working within their existing processes to form a seamless client-consultant team. By offering a wide range of solutions across diverse industries to address possible functional challenges we help our clients to establish and maintain best-in-class competency.


We succeed in delivering high productivity, not due to our intimate knowledge of any one technology, but because we understand how real projects and real organizations work. Our team is a step ahead of the competition because of our rich experience in dealing with the real pressures and constraints that inevitably come up when building software whether they are changes in business drivers, budgets, artifacts from legacy systems, integration, etc. As a result of our unique understanding of building software, we are able to ensure the success of your project and aggressively manage the distinct risks associated with building your system. We enable a new level of business oversight on your development effort through providing a more complete management picture because we focus on all facets of your project and their impact on each stakeholder. Our proven experience in all aspects of software development makes us an ideal software partner.

CEO - Saidakhmad Arislanov

A well-known and respected member of the Information Technology industry, Saidakhmad Arislanov is an angel investor and entrepreneur. Saidakhmad was born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is the founder and President/CEO of ASO Systems, an IT consulting company with offices in Virginia and New York. 

Saidakhmad has a bachelor’s degree from Baruch College and in addition to his degree, Saidakhmad holds Scrum Master Certificate. Saidakhmad’s IT expertise is in data analytics, financial reporting, credit risk policies, change management, business impact analysis, disaster recovery plan, business continuity plans, and Blockchain.

Saidakhmad Arislanov was awarded the “Shuhrat” medal for his worthy contribution to educating the younger generation in the spirit of love to the motherland, honor and respect for active participation in public life: Awards in Washington DC)

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